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Affordable, modest, low key and.. Outstanding Service!


Auto Service Maastricht is the affordable car maintenance and repair center. Tires, the legal APK or periodical maintenance; easy, fast and cost effective. It’s remarkable what can be fixed and done in a relative short period of time. You hardly will hear owner Peter Jongen say: „let’s call it a day”.

As soon as your car has driven in, he will take care of the vehicle as if it’s one of his own. More often during weekdays they continue their work into the evening. Peter is well known in Maastricht because of his high service degree. He states that all his customers receive a capital S Service treatment. Peter Jongen has an impressive resume as car a mechanic.

Throughout a period of 15 years he worked for a few established car dealers in the region. The years of chief maintenance and customer service gave him the skills and experience to take the leap towards entrepreneurship. Auto Service Maastricht rewards customers who return for their car maintenance. Those who periodically bring their car in for regular maintenance will receive almost 30% discount on the entire APK procedure. In combination with the major service intervals the APK in addition becomes free. Contact Auto Service Maastricht for other discount rates.


Maintenance and emissions inspections for all sorts of cars. Computer diagnostics. Complete brake service, suspension and exhaust. Including selling and installing all brands and types of tires. Our staff can assist you in English and German language.


AircoService from €129


For airconditioning it's crucial to measure the level of cooling liquid every 2 Years. A low level might lead to costly repairs. Contact Auto Service Maastricht for an Airco Service appointment. Systeem check, measurement and refrigerant refill.

Wir freuen uns über Ihren Besuch auf der Webseite von Auto Service Maastricht. Denn bei uns dreht sich alles um Sie. Wir bieten Ihnen persönlicher Service. Auto Service Maastricht bietet zuverlässige Reparaturen sowie günstige Ersatz- und Zubehörteile in Maastricht und Umgebung.


Nous réjouissons de votre visite sur le site de Auto Service Maastricht. Avec nous, il est tout au sujet de vous. Nous offrons un servicepersonnalisé. Auto Service Maastricht offre des réparations fiables et bon marché des pièces de rechange et accessoires à Maastricht et ses environs.

Start your engines!

The current battery in your car can last for years, without a doubt. But be aware that if you have a battery that has served some years of excellent duty, that it may have lost some of it's power allready. A short stop at Auto Service Maastricht will give you the right info about the status.

Understanding tire size

Tires come in various sizes, so try to find out which size you're driving right now. The figures are on the tire itself and consist of three seperate numbers: width, height and inches. Just as the example above. Of course Auto Service Maastricht can help you out with this during a short pitstop.


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